• Affiliate with The International Montessori League

    The International Montessori League aims to promote the teaching system of Dr. Maria Montessori world-wide with the collaboration of existing Montessori organisations, supporting and encouraging schools to adopt Montessori and facilitate teachers training programs. Read More
  • Montessori Online Training in Partnership with Montitute

    Montitute is a research oriented Montessori training facilitator, based in the US. Montitute has developed premium quality Montessori resources including Montessori training manuals, training videos, classroom printables and online learning, support, assessment softwares. Read More
  • Supporting Regional Montessori Training Programs

    Our country-wise chapters are carrying out full length residential diploma programs and residential short courses and workshops. The huge need for trained Montessori teachers cannot be ignored Read More
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The International Montessori League aims to involve and engage ambitious Montessori organizations, schools, individuals and training institutes world-wide for collectively pursuing the common goals of spreading awareness regarding Montessori as a better system of education (as proved by many researches), encouraging acceptance and supporting implementation of Montessori as a system of education. We are pursuing our objectives by;

  • reaching out to not just a specific strata but grass-roots through our continental and country-wise regional chapters.
  • guiding our sponsor Montitute's teachers training programs.
  • promoting technology oriented distance Montessori training programs to meet the immense shortage of Montessori trained teachers and school leaders, caused due to unavailability of good Montessori training institutes in most parts of the world.
  • innovating and revolutionizing the processes and materials used in manufacturing of Montessori classroom equipment to speed up production and reduce costs, as most schools in the world cannot afford to buy expensive and delicate Montessori materials. For instance, ever thought of a pink tower moulded out of fine plastic and costing up to US$ 4 only. It will not just be purchasable for a school in an African  village but will also probably last forever. ...Read more 






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